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With the modern-day tendency to become immersed in the hustle and bustle of daily life, we miss out on some of the most important things. For example, the small kindnesses of others, observing light reflecting off of beautiful objects, and so on.
These fleeting moments enrich our world. Perhaps it is, ironically, because of their small and ephemeral nature that these things are of such significance.
Kato was created with the fundamental mission of providing its patrons with the opportunity to re-engage with what’s important – to re-engage with the little things in life that make our hearts swell – by providing an intimate 10-seat space and a warm, inviting ambiance.

Akihiro Kato

Kato owner Akihiro Kato was born in 1969 in Kanagawa prefecture. Because of his high level of manual dexterity, Mr. Akihiro Kato knew he wanted to pursue a career using his hands. He, quite naturally, found a passion for the culinary arts and has not looked back since. After garnering experiences in a Japanese restaurant for 14 years and a kaiseki establishment for 5, he assumed the position of head chef for the entire LDHkitchen corporation, supervising the culinary training for all of its locations. In December of 2016, he seized the opportunity to open Kato, embarking upon a quest to create food that both “left lasting impressions” on him, personally, and also transcended traditional notions of the limits of Japanese cooking.

Mr. Kato wishes to provide his patrons not simply with food that can be ranked highly but also with a sublime atmosphere that leaves people with fond memories. He understands that each individual’s palette is defined in part by his or her history with food and, therefore, no two people will have the exact same experience of any one dish. That being said, he is fervently devoted to his mission of providing everyone with something from their dining experience at Kato that leaves a lasting impression. He revisits elusive questions such as, “How can I put my heart and soul into my food?” and “How do I convey a sense of dedication to the culinary arts?” when thinking of how to best serve customers who come to his establishment. On a daily basis, Mr. Kato not only ponders these notions but also rededicates himself to his mission of satisfying all of his guests and imparting unparalleled service.

The menu at Kato consists solely of the Chef’s Choice (omakase).
Assorted Appetizer
(Mozuku seaweed with vinegar, Black Avalon, Fried Chicken Wing, Kombu Marinated Red Snapper, Sushi Ball, Fried Red Snapper with Sea Urchin, Snap Beans Rolled Pork)
Shrimp Sauce coated Steamed Japanese Taro
Natural Flatfish and Tuna from Ohma (Two Kinds)
Japanese Seer Fish with Homemade Kombu Sauce
Arugula and Beacon
to be continued…

Hamburg Steak with Poached Egg
Simmered Splendid Alfonsino
Wine pickled Stalawberies
Creamy Crabmeat Croquet
Pork Cutlet Sandwich
Grind Pork and Sesame Ramen
Melon and Tangerine Orange
10,000 yen (Not included tax)

In Japan, there are many beautiful traditions that serve as a point of pride for the nation.
According to the season, there are a wide range of different ornaments and customs that citizens can enjoy in their day-to-day lives. However, one particularly important celebration, with similarly important associated ornaments, is “Hare No Hi.”
In modern day, unfortunately, observation of such traditions has been largely lost, but we hope to re-create an environment that respects and brings to life these traditions which give beauty, richness, and small joys to those who celebrate them.
Kato’s interior is filled with seasonal and traditional treasures to delight its customers.
In addition, we have procured immaculate Rosanjin-designed dishware and hope that our customers have a more evoking dining experience when coming into contact with such profound historical aesthetic.

3-28-2, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
T. 03-6455-7826  F. 03-6455-7829
Mon.-Sat. 17:30 – 23:00 (L.O.22:00)
Closed Sunday and National Holidays